Welcome Home

by Alexon

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"Welcome Home" is a call to those who are lost and searching for meaning in this world to find their meaning in God's love and faithfulness, and in the hope of Heaven. It is an invitation for them to come back home. I really hope you enjoy this album.



released March 12, 2009



all rights reserved


Alexon Monterey, California

Songwriter, producer and singer from Monterey, CA

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Track Name: Don't Wait
Break out; the walls have fallen down. Check out; can't you see that this world is dying; burning, bursting at the seams
No doubt you've seen the failures when you sell out and live the way you want
Turn or tire, your road it leads to nowhere

And you feel like coming home, and you wished you never roamed
And you feel like coming home, as you're waiting out your days
in the hope to find a road that will lead you back to home
Well, I'm showing you that road, don't wait.

You're out and in the mud again, you think, "how could this happen to me I was stronger I should've last longer? I don't know what I'm doing here."
But you tied the noose round your own neck, but Christ, He can cut you down
You look tired. The door is always open if you feel like coming home...
Track Name: Make Up Your Mind
We live in a world that is painfully clear
It's black and it's white in its hopes and fears.
There's wrong and there's right, it's been known for years.
It's too hard to side, I'll wait right here

You've heard the truth, it's been preached in your ear
You've seen the way through the pain and tears
But you're so afraid, you just can't start here
But you know it's the way, don't wait...

So... Make up your mind, won't you, make up your mind?!
Make up your mind won't you make up your mind?!
Make up your mind; won't you please pick a side
make up your mind this time....alright?

Jesus said He's the truth and the life
Ya ,He said He's the eternal prize
And if you're honest well you know that He is right
so won't you, won't you, won't you...make up your mind?!
Track Name: Just Love You Like I Love You
Sometimes…Your mood changes like a chessboard, or a kaleidoscope
I try to be the anchor when the wind it blows
I ask you “what’s the problem?” but you’re never sure
I’m wondering how to solve them…
I think I know

Oooo. Just love you like I love you

You’re mostly constant like a heartbeat
More than consistently you’re beaming like a sunbeam.
Oh, how did I get the blessing of being wedded to the real thing?
Track Name: Majesty
All of our lives are shaped by his hands; I find it hard to ponder
And so with the stars; shaped too by those hands
They shine all reflecting his splendor

Still he came for the weak; He laid all his majesty down at his feet
Just to be with sinners just like me
Oh can't you see? Won't you see, that He loves you?!
Yes it's true.

King of all kings, laid down his robes
He came lived a life of a martyr
Deserving a crown, we gave him a cross.
He died so that I'd have a tomorrow.

See he came for the weak; He laid all his majesty down at his feet
Just to be with me, he hung upon that tree.
Oh can't you see? Won't you see that He loves you?!
Track Name: Carry Me Home
I'm out of breath I wasted time
I bought into the lie that this is my life
I dug in deep and came up dry
They told me this is my home but this isn't my home

Won't you carry me home? Won't you carry me home?
I am not where I belong
See, this world is a hall of mirrors and smoke
And I'm not where my heart longs to be

I know you're weak but He is strong
Ya, He'll give you strength so you can go on
I know you're tired, but days will come
as we look to the one who will carry us home

Our hope is so much more than this world that constantly comes up short
We were made to be in a place where our God will set us free
There'll be no dying, there'll be no crying
Pain will come to cease
There'll be no hurt there, tears will vanish in His majesty
Track Name: I'm All Ears
I want to hear you
I want to hear your voice but I, I hear nothing but static
I want to see you. I want to see your face but I, I've got nothing but blurry signal here
I'll wait until it's clear

'cause I'm all ears if you're all mouth, I'm all eyes if you are there
I want to know you more
So I will wait and I will seek, I will listen won't you speak
‘cause I want know you more

I want to touch you. I want to feel your presence here, but you're gone every time I draw near
Why does it feel I'm playing cat and mouse with you?
Won't you come and draw near
I'll wait until you're here
I'll wait until it's clear
Track Name: Anymore
My heart it don't beat through my chest the way it would do
My blood it don't run blue anymore
My lips they don't bring you the praise the way they would do
My voice, it don't ring true anymore


My eyes they don't seek you the way they once would do
I strain but I can't see you anymore
Sometimes I fall away look away turn aside
I've been unfaithful as the bride who walked away on her wedding day
to not look back anymore

And though I change like the shifting tide, you remain right by my side
You are faithful true and tried evermore

Track Name: You Overcome
I lay my heart upon the table
It is cracked with doubt and fear and pain is bursting at the seams
I know God that you are able
to take all my doubts and fears and somehow turn them into peace

OOoooo You overcome my heart when I am overcome with grief
OOoooo You bandage up my soul and then you come and bring relief

I have seen you in the desert, where my bones were dry and bleached until you breathed your breath on me
Oh my God, well I can't take anymore
I am lost without your peace

I am not alone
Track Name: Stronger Than Wine
I'm still in my bed and you are still in my head
I just can't shake those words you said, you know they're stronger than wine
Somebody said that it's all in my head
But I can't forget those words you said, you know they brought me to life

When I was down and out, when I was full of doubt

Feeling like, I'm feeling like I'm waiting for the afterlife
I'm knowing that this world ain't right
I'm going home and I ain't gonna slow

I wait for a time when I'll be fully alive
When my eyes are open wide and I'll be clothed in His light
So won't you lift me up and pick me up and pull me out
I got my head inside the world as it brings me down
So won't you lift me up, oh pick me up and pull me out
'cause I'm tired of this place

'Cause here I am down and out. Here I am full of doubt
Track Name: You Are Good
When it's good you are good
When it's bad you are good
When it's hard you are god
You are good oh my God you are good

Lord you are gracious you are slow to anger
abounding in love and full of compassion
You pull me close and you keep me from danger
Lord you are good, oh my God you are good

There is nowhere I can go to escape from your love
in the depths of the sea you are there
There is nothing I can do to take away from your love
You yourself paid the price with your blood!
You yourself paid the price with your blood!
Track Name: You'll Find All The Answers
Light shines in a dark place we ignore it all the time
Brush off all of the miracles, they are all accidents in this life

With the blindfold on your eyes all your questions run aground
Well you'll find all the answers when you lay your weapons down

Outside the stars keep on shining they speak of a Lord God up on high
But you shrug it off, you choose the lonely road
you'll find your own answers to this life

With the blindfold on your eyes all your questions run aground
Well you'll find all the answers when you lay your weapons down
'cause our faith is based on faith, oh and logic makes you blind
Even if you had all the answers, still you'd not be satisfied

Oh but Christ you can't deny, Christ you can't deny, Christ you can't deny...Ohh!

If you're honest with yourself, oh then Christ you can't deny
And though some things can't be answered you gotta take it all in stride
Track Name: You Break My Will
This life isn't always easy
In fact it is rather hard
But there is a reason he is polishing us still
Someday we'll shine as the stars

He lets us go through troubles He lets us go through pain
He lets us go through trials and stand out in train
Because it makes us stronger because it makes us shine
See, diamonds don't get brighter until the stones begin to grind

You break my heart and you break my will and you do it over and over
You bend me back and you hold me still and you love me the same
Surgery hurts but the sickness is worse
If you don't then the cancer takes over
The One in the gloves He is gentle with love
And He knows our names

I can't help but grimace. I thought I was on your team
But I know as I'm on this dark and lonely road
You have something good for me

You let me go through troubles you let me go through pain
You let me go through trials and stand out in the rain
Because it makes me stronger, though at the time it seems to hurt
See flowers come in springtime only if the soil has been worked